Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Illustrata: Natural Sciences database trial until May 5 2007

Illustrata: Natural Sciences is a new database that provides access to charts, tables, graphs, photographs, maps and other figures across a wide range of biological and environmental disciplines. With Illustrata: Natural Sciences it is possible to search the scholarly research literature for visual information previously not indexed. Using the “Search Tools” feature it is possible to search the scientific literature for graphs, illustrations, maps, photographs, tables and images.

“Researchers can then view the full object, including all caption and label text. Results can be easily saved or imported and used for presentations, lectures, or research.”

More than one million object records have been indexed covering over 880 different journals from a variety of publishers. It is projected that over two million objects will be indexed by the end of the year.

Three other forthcoming Illustrata resources include image databases for the fields of Technology, Social Sciences and Arts & Humanities.

Please let Maxine Schmidt (mschmidt@library.umass.edu) know your impression of Illustrata: Natural Sciences.

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