Friday, April 27, 2007

IEEE Standards Association creates Nanoelectronics Standards Roadmap

On April 14th, the IEEE Standards Association released a Nanoelectronics Standards Roadmap, version 1.0. This draft is available for public comment from their website. The roadmap is intended to:
  • "Discern the highest value nanoelectronics standards to provide maximum leverage to the industry by providing a platform of common definitions, processes and technologies.
  • Identify a small set of near-term standards to jump start nanoelectronics standards development. Frame these standards (define their scope and purpose) to accelerate working group formation and progress. Build momentum within the industry by creating a few quick wins consistent with the longer range standards strategy.
  • Complement, not replace, existing industry roadmaps and knowledge bases.
  • Provide a framework for efficient communication and collaboration among industry members. Reduce barriers to industry convergence and efficient commerce.
  • Speed the development and deployment of high value nanoelectronics standards; consistent with the maturity of processes and technologies.
  • Create an extensible and living framework by which nanoelectronics standards development may be managed proactively, strategically and efficiently"
The IEEE-SA will hold a town meeting to present and discuss the roadmap at NSTI Nanotechnology 2007.

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