Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Got moose? - with video

UMass Amherst grad student Dave Wattles' moose research described in an article in The Scientist - with video!
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Video of Dave tracking moose on YouTube:

The Scientist.com
Volume 23 | Issue 8 | Page 21

Got moose?

Cadwell in fall
Courtesy of Paul Lussier

I’m sitting in the cab of a large pick-up whose roof bristles with radio antennae, on a narrow back road in the western, more wooded part of Massachusetts. On the seat between Dave Wattles and me is a radio the size of an automobile battery with knobs and dials on top. It’s emitting a low static hum punctuated by loud chirps. The chirps are from the GPS transponder on a radio-collared moose, in this case the Peru bull, one of Wattles’s 20 or so research subjects. The louder and closer together the chirps, the closer we are to the moose. It’s April, and Wattles is doing his monthly moose check-up.


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