Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Elephants on the brink

YouTube video - photographs of elephants by Karl Ammann with narration by Dale Peterson about a book they collaborated on Elephant Reflections, University of California Press, Berkeley, 2009.

Note from the book by Karl Ammann:

I believe that both the conservation community and most of the conservation media are far too content to go with the ivory story. It's a sexier tale, after all, and it allows us to focus our blame on a distant and rather vague "ivory mafia" in Asia rather than on particular poachers, lax law enforcement officers, and meat traders in Africa. The ivory story is also a simpler one to tell, and perhaps easier to bear. But the consumption of all kinds of wild animal meat in Central Africa has become profoundly commercialized during the past several years. This commercialization has, in turn, caused the consumption of game meat -- including elephant meat -- to explode in scope and impact. The uncontrolled nature of the commercial meat trade is now the most important threat to forest elephants, and it needs to be publicized, understood, and addressed by individuals, organizations and governments.

Post extracted from The Scientist, "A new book explores the many textures of African elephants", published 1st May 2009 04:59 PM GMT.

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