Monday, March 27, 2006

Get all your ISEL news in one feed....

As astute readers may know, in addition to this main blog (ISEL Update), we also have blogs for several of the individual departments that ISEL supports (links are in the right-hand sidebar of this blog). As of this writing, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Engineering, Math & Statistics, Microbiology, Physics, and Veterinary & Animal Science have their own ISEL blogs containing news about information sources in those disciplines.

If you'd like to get updates from ALL ISEL blogs in one feed, rather than subscribing to them individually, you can now do so by subscribing to the following feed:

This uber-feed was created using a free tool called RSS Mix. RSS Mix lets you roll any number of individual RSS feeds together into one feed, which you can then subscribe to. Very handy!

We'll be adding blogs for more departments as time goes this space!

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