Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Putting science to song in the classroom

Wired Magazine recently ran an article on Greg Crowther, a lecturer at the University of Washington who has set some of the concepts he teaches to music and sings them to his students (to mixed appreciation). Songs include takes on the Archies ("Glucose / ah, sugar sugar / You are my favorite fuel / from the bloodborne substrate pool"), Talking Heads ("Take Me to the Liver," about cholesterol metabolism), and Andrew Lloyd Webber ("The Phantom of the Copper Coil").

Many more song titles, with lyrics, can be viewed at Crowther's personal homepage. Crowther also makes MP3 downloads and sheet music available for some titles. And, if those don't satiate your appetite for science songs, Crowther also maintains an online database of over 2000 science-related songs called MASSIVE.


CogSci Librarian said...

APM's Future Tense had this on a podcast yesterday! Go to http://www.publicradio.org/columns/futuretense/ to hear Greg singing "Glucose Glucose" and other biology hits.

Emily Alling said...

Hey, thanks for the link, CogSci! I've added APM's Future Tense to my list of science podcasts. Good stuff.