Wednesday, November 02, 2005

[Chemistry] RSS Feeds to ACS Publications

You can now get tables of contents from several ACS journals delivered via RSS. Here are links to the feeds for participating journals:

Analytical Chemistry A
Environmental Science & Technology A Page Magazine
Environmental Science & Technology Online News
Journal of Proteome Research
Chemical & Engineering News Online

But wait--what am I seeing when I click on these links? Confused? These aren't links to actual content from the journal--rather, they are links you can use to subscribe to journal updates using your RSS reader of choice. You need to copy and paste these links into your RSS reader to subscribe. Popular RSS feed readers include Bloglines and MyYahoo.

Still confused? Let me know--in addition to being a science reference librarian, I'm increasingly becoming an RSS evangelist, and would be happy to help you get set up with an account.

via ACS Livewire

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