Monday, October 03, 2005

A new way to search BioOne journals

BioOne is a collection of 65 high-impact, full-text bioscience research journals that the UMass libraries subscribe to. Up until now, the only way to search this collection has been through BioOne's own interface, which is somewhat rough and doesn't offer the full variety of search options (thesaurus, limiters, etc.) that make librarians (and advanced researchers) swoon.

All that has changed with the arrival of BioOne Abstracts & Indexes, now featured in the UMass libraries' Database Locator. A new way to locate and access the same great BioOne content, BioOne Abstracts & Indexes uses the CSA search platform, which allows you to perform more advanced, complex, and effective searches than the native BioOne interface. Features include:
  • Thesaurus searching
  • Separate quick and advanced search options
  • Easy-to-set search limits
  • Links to full text, document delivery, and Interlibrary Loan
  • Saved search histories
  • Search alerts
  • Multi-lingual interfaces
If you use BioOne Abstracts & Indexes to search BioOne, just use the familiar UMLinks button to connect to the full text in BioOne.

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